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Welcome! We offer a place for fellow Malaysians and friends in the Greater Toronto Area to meet and "cakap, cakap" (chat) about old times and get together to "makan" (eat) all the delicious Malaysian food that we miss so much! Our association organizes events such as Summer Picnic, Festival functions and informal gatherings so that our members can meet regularly. We also organize sporting events like the Annual Golf Tournament and weekly Badminton weekly sessions to keep our members active physically!

Please feel free to browse around our website. For Newcomers to Ontario, we have collected many useful information and links to help you settle here. For the general public, we have information about Malaysia in general and link to the Tourism Malaysia website. For all our members, we regularly update our website to inform of our upcoming events and we have collected photographs from our past events in the Gallery for your viewing.

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MAC 25th Annual Golf Tournament

Summer is here again! This year's golf tournament marks the 25th year since we first held this annual event. Come and join us to celebrate this milestone! More and extra prizes to be won!

Here are the details:

Golf Course:       Angus Glen Golf Club - North Course
Date and Time:   July 19, 2014; 1:00 PM
Cost:       $150 (members), $160 (non-members), $45 (Dinner only)
Dinner:   Angus Glen Banquet Hall at 6:30 PM

Please respond ASAP by submitting the Registration Form or contact a committee member:

Henry Lee 416-618-0966 Gopal Simon 416-495-8024
Keith Tan 416-996-8608 Anthony Yong 416-722-8335
Gin Siow 416-230-8491 Raymond Soon 416-721-6130
Ray Teo 416-357-2883 Barry Yau 416-918-1622

Please make sure to provide the details e.g. handicap, group, contact, etc.

** RSVP by July 09, 2014

We call upon all those who participated in our first tournament in 1989 to join us. We will have special mementos for them to commemorate the occasion.

Candlelight Vigil For MH370 at Toronto City Hall

On April 13th, a group of university students held a vigil at the City Hall to honour those who are on the missing flight MH370 and to show their support to the family and friends who have gone through such a difficult time with this tragedy

Markham, May 26, 2013 - The Hilton Suites & Conference Center hosted the grand finals of the Beauties of Asia 2013. Nearly 25 contestants from all over Toronto vied for the prestigious crown.

Delegates represented various Asian ethnic communities showcasing beauty, elegance, and cultural heritage. They were selected from three auditions held in Splendid China Mall and the semi-finals in Korean Cultural Center.

After weeks of rehearsals, photo shoot, social events, networking, and media coverage, the candidates gained substantial experience and confidence that prepared them for the big night.

They competed in traditional costume, swimsuit, and evening gown reflecting their personal taste.It was a very exciting competition as the candidates charmed the audience with their grace and beauty, and awed them with their talent showcase, wit, and confidence.

After the Special Awards were given, the top 10 candidates were selected from which the final 5 was chosen. The decision was made after an on-stage panel interview with the judges.

Saira Kowlessarof the Malaysian community won the crown & title and was crowned by outgoing Beauties of Asia 2012, Jodi Jahnke, who is also the reigning Canada's Perfect Supermodel 2013.

1st runner-up Jasleen Gill - Indian community, 2nd runner-up Angela Yang - Korean community, 3rd runner-up AbisshekaLloydson – Sri-Lankan community, and 4th runner-up Nicole Lulu Wang – Chinese community.

Multiple candidates represented the said community groups, plus Bangladesh, East India, Japan, Philippines, Pakistan, and Taiwan.

Saira is a 21 year-old Brampton native who is creative and passionate about the fashion industry and specializes in skincare and advance paramedical treatments. She is of Sri-Lankan heritage with her mother and father born in Malaysia and Guyana respectively.

Aside from the crown, cash, jewelry, and travel, Saira will also enjoy media training and representation of the youth of Asian descent and communities throughout the year.

The organizer, GAIYA (Global Asian Interactive Youth Assoc.), was thrilled with the big turn-out of more than 400 VIP guests, sponsors, media, volunteers, past BOA titleholders and contestants, as well as, reigning queens from other pageants including Canada's Perfect, Miss World Canada, and Miss Earth Ontario.

JCR Entertainment put on an exciting production and fabulous show through gorgeous staging and high energy live performances from various local artists and rising stars. Setting the excitement a notch higher were hosts Andre Vash and Julia Cosby with their witty and sophisticated style.

Support from the CMC-AO (Canadian Multicultural Council-Asians in Ontario) promoted the event to all Asian communities and other civic communities that resonated unity, collaboration, and celebration of diversity.

Beauties of Asia celebrated 5 years of beauty, friendship, and collaboration among Asian ethnic community groups. "I am very grateful and honored to carry this title and fulfill all duties as Miss Beauties Of Asia 2013! GAIYA has given and continues to give Asian communities in Canada a platform to unite and share experiences of youth, culture and society," said winner, Saira K. Official event photographer: Kelvin Young Photography


Beauties of Asia is part of the Asian Heritage Month that was enacted by the Toronto Municipal Government. It offers opportunities for young Asians to appreciate and share the values and qualities of their own heritage and that of other multicultural communities to promote understanding and harmony, thus, manifesting the invigorated spirit of unity among the new generation of Asian-Canadian youth. www.beautiesofasia.ca